Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 08-Apr-2020 11:05pm AKDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
18 mi SSW of Whittier, Alaska 2.0 00012779 mi 1586415489Wed, 08-Apr-2020 10:58pm AKDT map
38 mi W of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.1 000194120 mi 1586412747Wed, 08-Apr-2020 10:12pm AKDT map
7 mi SE of Lazy Mountain, Alaska 2.0 000173107 mi 1586401732Wed, 08-Apr-2020 7:08pm AKDT map
22 mi SE of Cantwell, Alaska 2.7 000315196 mi 1586395092Wed, 08-Apr-2020 5:18pm AKDT map
71 mi NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.1 000290180 mi 1586392414Wed, 08-Apr-2020 4:33pm AKDT map
23 mi NW of Valdez, Alaska 2.0 000256159 mi 1586390988Wed, 08-Apr-2020 4:09pm AKDT map
66 mi W of Cantwell, Alaska 2.4 000302188 mi 1586382983Wed, 08-Apr-2020 1:56pm AKDT map
48 mi SW of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.3 000164102 mi 1586369562Wed, 08-Apr-2020 10:12am AKDT map
32 mi WNW of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.4 00009861 mi 1586364433Wed, 08-Apr-2020 8:47am AKDT map
56 mi NNE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.1 000276172 mi 1586342940Wed, 08-Apr-2020 2:49am AKDT map
28 mi W of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.2 000187116 mi 1586336246Wed, 08-Apr-2020 12:57am AKDT map
25 mi SSE of Anchorage, Alaska 2.2 00009358 mi 1586331150Tue, 07-Apr-2020 11:32pm AKDT map
76 mi SE of Old Iliamna, Alaska 2.4 000233145 mi 1586328074Tue, 07-Apr-2020 10:41pm AKDT map
63 mi NNW of Nikiski, Alaska 2.1 00011471 mi 1586325066Tue, 07-Apr-2020 9:51pm AKDT map
42 mi S of Cantwell, Alaska 2.3 000274170 mi 1586320078Tue, 07-Apr-2020 8:27pm AKDT map
2 mi SE of Houston, Alaska 2.0 00014188 mi 1586318342Tue, 07-Apr-2020 7:59pm AKDT map
27 mi S of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.2 00009962 mi 1586313088Tue, 07-Apr-2020 6:31pm AKDT map
13 mi NNW of Middleton Island, Alaska 2.1 000290180 mi 1586300708Tue, 07-Apr-2020 3:05pm AKDT map
19 mi N of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.3 000213132 mi 1586296321Tue, 07-Apr-2020 1:52pm AKDT map
55 mi NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 3.1 000277172 mi 1586292377Tue, 07-Apr-2020 12:46pm AKDT map
52 mi NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.2 000274170 mi 1586277955Tue, 07-Apr-2020 8:45am AKDT map
35 mi E of Old Iliamna, Alaska 2.2 000178111 mi 1586265570Tue, 07-Apr-2020 5:19am AKDT map
53 mi SW of Homer, Alaska 2.0 000178110 mi 1586249151Tue, 07-Apr-2020 12:45am AKDT map
40 mi NNE of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.0 00007949 mi 1586245988Mon, 06-Apr-2020 11:53pm AKDT map
93 mi S of McGrath, Alaska 2.0 000277172 mi 1586245110Mon, 06-Apr-2020 11:38pm AKDT map
56 mi NW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.2 000263163 mi 1586243962Mon, 06-Apr-2020 11:19pm AKDT map
21 mi SSW of Homer, Alaska 2.0 00013886 mi 1586218324Mon, 06-Apr-2020 4:12pm AKDT map
47 mi W of Anchor Point, Alaska 3.4 00013584 mi 1586202062Mon, 06-Apr-2020 11:41am AKDT map
26 mi NE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.0 000230143 mi 1586185498Mon, 06-Apr-2020 7:04am AKDT map
44 mi NE of Whittier, Alaska 2.7 000205128 mi 1586169459Mon, 06-Apr-2020 2:37am AKDT map
23 mi NNE of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000242150 mi 1586167678Mon, 06-Apr-2020 2:07am AKDT map
50 mi NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000277172 mi 1586161000Mon, 06-Apr-2020 12:16am AKDT map
10 mi WNW of Anchorage, Alaska 2.2 00010062 mi 1586156725Sun, 05-Apr-2020 11:05pm AKDT map
32 mi WNW of Willow, Alaska 2.0 00015697 mi 1586143620Sun, 05-Apr-2020 7:27pm AKDT map
33 mi WSW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000178110 mi 1586139410Sun, 05-Apr-2020 6:16pm AKDT map
40 mi NNE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.0 000250155 mi 1586124988Sun, 05-Apr-2020 2:16pm AKDT map
72 mi E of McGrath, Alaska 2.3 000296184 mi 1586122987Sun, 05-Apr-2020 1:43pm AKDT map
27 mi W of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.1 00011974 mi 1586107026Sun, 05-Apr-2020 9:17am AKDT map
21 mi W of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.3 00011370 mi 1586087959Sun, 05-Apr-2020 3:59am AKDT map
74 mi E of King Salmon, Alaska 2.5 000281174 mi 1586063092Sat, 04-Apr-2020 9:04pm AKDT map
60 mi NNW of Nikiski, Alaska 2.8 00010364 mi 1586061769Sat, 04-Apr-2020 8:42pm AKDT map
37 mi NNE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.0 000242150 mi 1586047805Sat, 04-Apr-2020 4:50pm AKDT map
6 mi NNE of Houston, Alaska 2.0 00015194 mi 1586044165Sat, 04-Apr-2020 3:49pm AKDT map
56 mi SSE of Old Iliamna, Alaska 2.0 000226141 mi 1586021723Sat, 04-Apr-2020 9:35am AKDT map
19 mi N of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.3 00007043 mi 1586005023Sat, 04-Apr-2020 4:57am AKDT map
57 mi W of Willow, Alaska 2.3 00014288 mi 1586000493Sat, 04-Apr-2020 3:41am AKDT map
29 mi WSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.3 00012477 mi 1585994374Sat, 04-Apr-2020 1:59am AKDT map
35 mi S of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.0 00010867 mi 1585971446Fri, 03-Apr-2020 7:37pm AKDT map
68 mi N of Larsen Bay, Alaska 2.2 000274170 mi 1585953546Fri, 03-Apr-2020 2:39pm AKDT map
63 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.0 000288179 mi 1585948532Fri, 03-Apr-2020 1:15pm AKDT map
58 mi SW of Middleton Island, Alaska 2.5 000298185 mi 1585946338Fri, 03-Apr-2020 12:38pm AKDT map
27 mi SW of Homer, Alaska 2.2 00014188 mi 1585926281Fri, 03-Apr-2020 7:04am AKDT map
20 mi NNW of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.1 000207129 mi 1585916065Fri, 03-Apr-2020 4:14am AKDT map
19 mi S of Homer, Alaska 2.1 00013685 mi 1585899506Thu, 02-Apr-2020 11:38pm AKDT map
80 mi NW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.1 000293182 mi 1585868253Thu, 02-Apr-2020 2:57pm AKDT map

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