Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Tue, 19-Jun-2018 7:20pm AKDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
52 mi ESE of Whittier, Alaska 2.1 000220137 mi 1529453676Tue, 19-Jun-2018 4:14pm AKDT map
48 mi E of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska 2.3 000255159 mi 1529409812Tue, 19-Jun-2018 4:03am AKDT map
34 mi NNE of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.2 00007748 mi 1529397767Tue, 19-Jun-2018 12:42am AKDT map
19 mi S of Cordova, Alaska 2.2 000303188 mi 1529386515Mon, 18-Jun-2018 9:35pm AKDT map
31 mi NNE of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000254158 mi 1529365546Mon, 18-Jun-2018 3:45pm AKDT map
45 mi SSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.3 00013584 mi 1529357916Mon, 18-Jun-2018 1:38pm AKDT map
56 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.1 000286177 mi 1529354746Mon, 18-Jun-2018 12:45pm AKDT map
40 mi N of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.6 00009962 mi 1529349110Mon, 18-Jun-2018 11:11am AKDT map
46 mi WSW of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.1 00015093 mi 1529314855Mon, 18-Jun-2018 1:40am AKDT map
23 mi WNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.3 000243151 mi 1529314086Mon, 18-Jun-2018 1:28am AKDT map
24 mi W of Big Lake, Alaska 2.5 00010666 mi 1529299019Sun, 17-Jun-2018 9:16pm AKDT map
79 mi NNW of Kodiak Station, Alaska 2.3 000236147 mi 1529294869Sun, 17-Jun-2018 8:07pm AKDT map
33 mi SSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.4 00011874 mi 1529291563Sun, 17-Jun-2018 7:12pm AKDT map
38 mi NE of Kodiak, Alaska 2.2 000261162 mi 1529286474Sun, 17-Jun-2018 5:47pm AKDT map
29 mi NW of Valdez, Alaska 2.0 000252157 mi 1529280438Sun, 17-Jun-2018 4:07pm AKDT map
37 mi W of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.2 00011974 mi 1529274220Sun, 17-Jun-2018 2:23pm AKDT map
23 mi WNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.0 000243151 mi 1529249996Sun, 17-Jun-2018 7:39am AKDT map
25 mi S of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.0 00008955 mi 1529230853Sun, 17-Jun-2018 2:20am AKDT map
58 mi W of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.5 000180112 mi 1529226351Sun, 17-Jun-2018 1:05am AKDT map
8 mi ESE of Nikiski, Alaska 2.4 00001610 mi 1529224979Sun, 17-Jun-2018 12:42am AKDT map
47 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.7 000294183 mi 1529200440Sat, 16-Jun-2018 5:54pm AKDT map
28 mi WSW of Willow, Alaska 2.2 00012376 mi 1529195449Sat, 16-Jun-2018 4:30pm AKDT map
23 mi WNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.0 000243151 mi 1529193787Sat, 16-Jun-2018 4:03pm AKDT map
24 mi WNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.0 000242151 mi 1529190833Sat, 16-Jun-2018 3:13pm AKDT map
22 mi WNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.2 000243151 mi 1529190419Sat, 16-Jun-2018 3:06pm AKDT map
25 mi W of Valdez, Alaska 3.6 000244151 mi 1529190336Sat, 16-Jun-2018 3:05pm AKDT map
41 mi SW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.0 00013886 mi 1529149858Sat, 16-Jun-2018 3:50am AKDT map
30 mi SSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.1 00011471 mi 1529115839Fri, 15-Jun-2018 6:23pm AKDT map
84 mi SSE of Homer, Alaska 2.2 000230143 mi 1529110181Fri, 15-Jun-2018 4:49pm AKDT map
56 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.4 000293182 mi 1529031837Thu, 14-Jun-2018 7:03pm AKDT map
44 mi W of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.4 00013886 mi 1529010860Thu, 14-Jun-2018 1:14pm AKDT map
24 mi W of Willow, Alaska 2.5 00013785 mi 1528973966Thu, 14-Jun-2018 2:59am AKDT map
11 mi NW of Whittier, Alaska 2.2 00013785 mi 1528963525Thu, 14-Jun-2018 12:05am AKDT map
7 mi S of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.5 000193120 mi 1528950133Wed, 13-Jun-2018 8:22pm AKDT map
41 mi N of Valdez, Alaska 2.7 000286177 mi 1528942452Wed, 13-Jun-2018 6:14pm AKDT map
39 mi WNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.7 000228142 mi 1528942311Wed, 13-Jun-2018 6:11pm AKDT map
43 mi WNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.2 000212132 mi 1528930637Wed, 13-Jun-2018 2:57pm AKDT map
22 mi W of Kenai, Alaska 2.0 00003220 mi 1528902312Wed, 13-Jun-2018 7:05am AKDT map
52 mi W of Cantwell, Alaska 2.9 000302188 mi 1528897848Wed, 13-Jun-2018 5:50am AKDT map
62 mi S of Old Iliamna, Alaska 2.1 000272169 mi 1528890209Wed, 13-Jun-2018 3:43am AKDT map
22 mi NE of Y, Alaska 2.7 000226140 mi 1528874889Tue, 12-Jun-2018 11:28pm AKDT map

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