Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 19-Jun-2019 6:12pm AKDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
43 mi NNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.3 000253157 mi 1560987879Wed, 19-Jun-2019 3:44pm AKDT map
26 mi SSW of Anchorage, Alaska 2.7 00005736 mi 1560983033Wed, 19-Jun-2019 2:23pm AKDT map
30 mi N of Valdez, Alaska 2.6 000276171 mi 1560970627Wed, 19-Jun-2019 10:57am AKDT map
51 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.5 000270168 mi 1560940750Wed, 19-Jun-2019 2:39am AKDT map
53 mi N of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.1 00008553 mi 1560929962Tue, 18-Jun-2019 11:39pm AKDT map
13 mi WSW of Talkeetna, Alaska 3.8 000175109 mi 1560920120Tue, 18-Jun-2019 8:55pm AKDT map
21 mi WSW of Y, Alaska 2.3 00015496 mi 1560914517Tue, 18-Jun-2019 7:21pm AKDT map
29 mi SW of Anchor Point, Alaska 2.1 00015496 mi 1560854060Tue, 18-Jun-2019 2:34am AKDT map
6 mi ESE of Nikiski, Alaska 2.6 0000138 mi 1560843843Mon, 17-Jun-2019 11:44pm AKDT map
19 mi NW of Nikiski, Alaska 2.5 00002918 mi 1560820519Mon, 17-Jun-2019 5:15pm AKDT map
83 mi ENE of McGrath, Alaska 2.5 000315196 mi 1560795862Mon, 17-Jun-2019 10:24am AKDT map
8 mi S of Big Lake, Alaska 2.0 00010364 mi 1560789498Mon, 17-Jun-2019 8:38am AKDT map
6 mi SSW of Big Lake, Alaska 2.1 00010565 mi 1560774455Mon, 17-Jun-2019 4:27am AKDT map
6 mi SSW of Big Lake, Alaska 2.5 00010666 mi 1560730609Sun, 16-Jun-2019 4:16pm AKDT map
32 mi NNE of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000240149 mi 1560693873Sun, 16-Jun-2019 6:04am AKDT map
55 mi WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.0 000274170 mi 1560692344Sun, 16-Jun-2019 5:39am AKDT map
28 mi W of Willow, Alaska 2.0 00010766 mi 1560680020Sun, 16-Jun-2019 2:13am AKDT map
4 mi NNE of Willow, Alaska 2.1 00014087 mi 1560679151Sun, 16-Jun-2019 1:59am AKDT map
16 mi SSW of Homer, Alaska 2.0 00014791 mi 1560635208Sat, 15-Jun-2019 1:46pm AKDT map
29 mi N of Valdez, Alaska 2.2 000279173 mi 1560615276Sat, 15-Jun-2019 8:14am AKDT map
37 mi W of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.0 000179111 mi 1560611506Sat, 15-Jun-2019 7:11am AKDT map
4 mi NW of Knik-Fairview, Alaska 3.1 00012678 mi 1560607497Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:04am AKDT map
22 mi SSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.0 00011270 mi 1560607473Sat, 15-Jun-2019 6:04am AKDT map
54 mi ESE of Old Iliamna, Alaska 2.0 000181113 mi 1560605425Sat, 15-Jun-2019 5:30am AKDT map
47 mi SW of Cantwell, Alaska 2.1 000260162 mi 1560579138Fri, 14-Jun-2019 10:12pm AKDT map
75 mi W of Cantwell, Alaska 2.3 000295183 mi 1560531691Fri, 14-Jun-2019 9:01am AKDT map
2 mi SSW of Big Lake, Alaska 2.1 00011068 mi 1560524778Fri, 14-Jun-2019 7:06am AKDT map
48 mi SE of Seward, Alaska 3.1 000201125 mi 1560514475Fri, 14-Jun-2019 4:14am AKDT map
10 mi N of Meadow Lakes, Alaska 2.7 00014691 mi 1560514462Fri, 14-Jun-2019 4:14am AKDT map
58 mi NW of Kodiak Station, Alaska 2.0 000287178 mi 1560499200Fri, 14-Jun-2019 12:00am AKDT map
10 mi NNW of Anchorage, Alaska 2.8 00010062 mi 1560498037Thu, 13-Jun-2019 11:40pm AKDT map
52 mi NW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.1 000247153 mi 1560477439Thu, 13-Jun-2019 5:57pm AKDT map
12 mi NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.8 000202125 mi 1560428982Thu, 13-Jun-2019 4:29am AKDT map
6 mi SW of Y, Alaska 2.0 000166103 mi 1560411785Wed, 12-Jun-2019 11:43pm AKDT map

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